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5 Directions Smudge 8"

5 Directions Smudge - 8" Bundle (White Sage, Desert Sage, Cedar, Lavender & Copal)

Here is a special smudge blend we have just had the honor to add to our inventory!


5 Directions is an AMAZING blend of the most potent smudging herbs and resins.

  • White Sage (Salvia Apiana) from the coastal mountains of California,
  • Desert sage (Artemesia Tridentata) covers much of the high desert and plains areas of the Western States of America.
  • Cedar, in Native American tradition is used to carry prayers to the creator. It is used to bridge the gap between heaven and earth.
  • Lavender is renowned for its calming energy, helping to rebalance tired and distorted emotions, and
  • Copal resin from the regions of southern Mexico.
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