Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located in San Dimas, CA on the outskirts of Los Angeles county.


Q: When do you ship your orders

A: Monday - Saturday. Click HERE for cutoff times.


Q: What doses would you recomend for xxx?

A: Please respect our rules. We do not encourage or recommend the missuse of any of our product. Google is your friend.....


Q: Is your packaging discreet?

A: Yes! Packages are shipped in standard, unmarked flat rate USPS packaging. The return address is simply SN Naturals and our address.


Q: I ordered *insert strain* last month and it tastes or looks different then the same strain I just received. What gives!

A: We constantly rotate batches and get new stock monthly/bi monthly to keep everything fresh.
Being a wild crafted-natural product, the color, flavor and effect can and does shift at times.
Each variety is collected in the same locations, it just all depends on time of year and the current weather of that location.


Q: I run a smoke shop/head shop. Can I get wholesale kratom for my shop?

A: No. No offense, but marketing kratom as "the next new thing" and exploiting it with inflated prices is not something we support.


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