Our AMAZING line of only the finest Mitragyna speciosa (kra-tom) available!

Known to originate from Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia, the leaves of this majestic tree contain alkaloids that manipulate certain receptors in the brain, the opiate receptors in particular, creating energy*, pain relif*, etc* without harsh chemicals pushed by "BIG Pharma".
This life-changing plant (I can proudly say that personally, as it spun my life in a 180 degree turn after I discovered it roughly 15 years ago!) is nothing short of a miracle*.

Leaves are picked fresh and rotated constantly. Our varieties are 100% natural and free from additives or extracts.

All leaf is powdered and not currently available in crushed form at this time.


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*Disclaimer!* But don't take my word for it. Due to "wise" words of the FDA it is "un-lawful" to make medical claims or well being benefits for natural products. Those are only reserved for harmful patentable chemicals that can be backed by money large enough to grease the hands of thy highly corrupt organization.

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