Current Payment types (Updated Feb. 2nd, 2018)

Our Credit Card processing is currently down at the moment. We are working hard to get a replacement and should have our new processor up and running soon!

In the meantime we can offer the following methods of payment...

  • Zellepay, a quick, super easy mobile app you can use to instantly transfer funds from your bank account.
    If you have a debit card linked to a bank account, you can use zellepay! Just simply send the payment to our email address,

  • Most cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin...) There are many methods. You can easily buy, sell and send many popular crypto currencies (with a debit card) through , among many, many others...

  • Check or money order (a picture of a check can simply be texted to us for faster processing)


*If you have any questions, or suggestions on alternative payment options feel free to contact us.

Thanks for your support, we look forward to hearing from you!