Extracts & Tinctures

Our collection of some the finest extracts and tinctures available.

Right now we are working on perfecting some AMAZING extracts. They will not be available until they are perfected so stay tuned, we will announce them when ready.



We're excited to announce Shaman Nation is the first retailer to carry West Coast Kava's entire sellection!

After years of kava connoisseuring bliss, our good local friends at West Coast Kava have put together a mighty fine collection for your drinking pleasure. Sit back and relax with some friends and share a couple shells. Because you deserve it and life is good! Bula!!!



Our AMAZING line of only the finest Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) available.

Leaves are picked fresh and rotated constantly. Our varieties are 100% natural and free from additives or extracts.

All leaf is powdered and not currently available in crushed form at this time.


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Whatever else we have that don't really belong in any other category.

T-Shirts & Apparel

Here's our unique collection of custom printed t-shirts, tapetries and bags.


We also have more shirts, Shipibo tapestries and bags available on Etsy.

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